CloudNinja - Unlock the Power of Cloud

Unlock the Power of Cloud

Simplify and scale your business with a Ninja by your side.

CloudNinja - Unlock the Power of Cloud

CloudNinja is a team of professionals with vertical experience on Cloud Technology

We offer advanced solutions to help your company optimise digital growth, thanks to our proven experience.

For Startups

We help you implement the Cloud-First approach accelerating the time to market. In addition we will identify the optimal architecture by selecting services that scale together with your business volumes.

For companies or freelancer

We will support you in designing the best strategy required to introduce Cloud Technology into your existing ICT systems. We can provide our Design and Implementation skills on a specific project (such as POCs or existing system Porting) or we can collaborate with existing teams by providing training paths on specific technologies applicable in many areas of the business

Select the package of your interest and discover full details:


From the ground to the Cloud

For those starting from scratch, we offer an introductory training program to Cloud Technology that includes an explanation of the building blocks of the Azure platform, case studies that benefit from Serverless Architecture and concepts of Cloud Management

[Project / Architecture Consulting]

Proof of Concept (POC) studies

We will put all our expertise at your service to materialise your idea. Together, we analyse the project’s characteristics to provide you with a technical and commercial feasibility analysis of the POC.

[Project / Architecture Consulting]

Big data / ETL / SQL vs NoSQL


We provide our vertical Data skills to support you from architectural Design to Implementation adopting specific Azure service as Data Factory, Relational and Non-Relational databases, storage services (Azure Storage).


The Big Solution

A solution designed specifically for businesses that require the whole set of services that Cloud Ninja can offer. In this case, please contact us and we’ll work together on a free quote.

Our proposals are based on real projects and case studies that guarantee to deliver successful results!

Why should you choose Cloud Ninja


CloudNinja was founded to promote the adoption of Cloud technology, helping you understand and integrate it effectively into your business, despite its complexity.


Thanks to our experience, we guide you towards established and efficient solutions, tailor-made to meet your specific needs.


We offer our technical expertise to train professionals and companies interested in developing Cloud Computing skills.


Every individual and company is unique, which is why our training programs and services are 100% customizable.