About us

CloudNinja is a team of experienced freelance consultants in cloud architecture and design, with several years of solid experience in the programming field. We help your company make the most of the cloud’s potential, ensuring a robust and scalable architecture, optimising costs, and improving business efficiency.
We handle all phases of your project, from the initial analysis to the implementation and maintenance of the proposed solution. We are constantly following and experimenting with the latest technologies and trends to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Andrea Carratta

Senior Backend & Cloud Developer | Microsoft Azure Cloud | Azure DevOps

With over twenty years of experience, my expertise spans from design to the realization of complex solutions. Just like tackling a puzzle such as the Megaminx, programming and cloud architecture present intricate challenges that require a robust strategy and a precise methodology.

I assist companies in optimizing their IT architecture, guiding them through the complexities of the technological landscape, pinpointing scalable solutions, and implementing strategies based on the industry’s best practices. This approach not only ensures efficiency and resilience but also a significant reduction in operational costs.

Every decision, from algorithm selection to benchmarking, ensures that companies derive the maximum value from their technological investment.

André Dominic Santacroce

Senior Software Architect | Cloud Addicted | C# Backend Developer | ’83

With over a decade of experience in full-cycle software development, I specialize in scalable and high-performing cloud architectures, delivering solutions that extend beyond mere coding.

As the Co-founder and Senior Architect at Cloud Ninja, I am committed to innovation and development of cloud infrastructures that enhance business operations and streamline workflows.

Leveraging the latest Microsoft and Azure technologies, I design and implement solutions that are flexible, secure, and future-proof, making my Advisor Services as a reliable technology partner for your business growth.

Our proposals are based on real projects and case studies that guarantee to deliver successful results!